Show me what it is like to be young and whole and carefree...


Forty-eight-year-old Megan Branwell is a widow. Fifty-three-year-old Connor Treffrey is a eunuch. Neither of them thought they would ever return to Land's End, Cornwall. Life is full of surprises. Especially when a man and a woman dare to reach out and touch one another...


She wanted a man—if just for one night. 
The man who stood before her was willing to pay a woman—just for one night.
He blocked the door, six feet tall to her own five-feet-four inch frame. His face was harshly handsome; it looked as if his features had been hewn out of sand and sun. Lines bracketed his mouth and radiated out from the corners of his eyes—eyes so dark they appeared to be black. 
Muhamed, the innkeeper had called him. Mr. Muhamed.
He was an Arab; she was an Englishwoman. 
He was garbed in a white robe and turban; she was shrouded in a black dress and veil.
They had nothing whatsoever in common save for their physical yearnings, yet here they both were in Land's End, Cornwall.




Megan knew what she had to do; it was the hardest thing she had ever done. Slowly, deliberately, she lifted her veil and hooked it over the crown of her Windsor hat. 
Bracing her spine, she mentally prepared for she knew not what: rejection, acceptance. 
The Arab had ordered the innkeeper to procure him a whore; instead, a forty-eight-year-old widow had knocked on his door.
And he had let her in. As if she were, indeed, the prostitute she pretended to be.
And perhaps she was.
No respectable woman would engage in the charade she now played.
Her chest rose and fell, lungs filling, emptying—she could not draw enough air into her oxygen-deprived body. The harsh wool of her gown chafed her nipples. She did not have to glance down to know that they stabbed her bodice.
His black gaze raked over her face, her breasts—they swelled underneath his perusal, fuller than those of a young girl, heavier—dropped down to study her stomach and hips that with the rest of her body had rounded over the years. Slowly his gaze raised back up to her face and the lines there that owed nothing to sand or sun, but everything to a woman's age.
She clutched the side of her skirt and the pocket within that held the key to her own room just down the corridor.
Now he would accept her, or now he would reject her....
"You are too old to be a whore," he said flatly. 
But she was not too old to want a man.
Inwardly, she flinched.
Outwardly, she held his gaze; her green eyes, at least, were unchanged by time. "Some would say, sir, that you are too old to need the services of one."
Faint color darkened his cheeks—or perhaps it was her own shamelessness that colored her vision. "You are naked underneath your gown."
The warm color tinting his angular cheekbones leaped blazing hot into her more rounded ones.
She defiantly tilted her chin. "Yes."
Megan wore no bustle, corset, chemise, drawers nor stockings. None of the apparel that respectable women wore.
Nothing that would impede the purpose of her visit.
She wanted this night.
She wanted to lie naked with this man.
She wanted to experience again the closeness found in an intimate embrace. 
Megan was fully prepared for—everything. The vinegar-soaked sponge crowding her cervix burned and throbbed, a reminder of—everything.
Possible pregnancy. Potential disgrace. Purgatory....
A coal exploded in the fireplace.
Tension prickled her skin. The rectangular bit of the key jabbed through the wool of her skirt and the silk of her glove.
A muscle jumped at the corner of his mouth. "You are not from around here." 
Native west Cornish folk spoke with an unmistakable singsong cadence. During the past thirty years, Megan had learned to speak like a gentlewoman, just as the Arab before her had at some point in his life learned to speak like an English gentleman.
"No, I am not from around here," she acknowledged evenly.
"Have you come from another man?"
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